May 20, 2016 in wksu them. M. utemisova held an international scientific and practical conference «Tukai: philosophy, aesthetics, language», dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of the great Eurasian poet Gabdulla Tukai and the 25th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The conference was attended by scientists, takeevery and teachers from Saint-Petersburg, Kazan, Ufa, Samara, Astana, Atyrau, Uralsk and other cities.

At the plenary session the guests and participants were welcomed by the rector of wksu.M. utemisova, Professor, academician, doctor of pedagogical Sciences imangaliev A. S., first Vice-rector, doctor of historical Sciences, associate Professor Tasmagambetov A. S., Vice-rector for science, doctor of pedagogical Sciences Imashev G. I., as well as candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Utegenova K. T.

Guests from Kazan were congratulated on behalf of I. R. Gafurov, rector of the Kazan Federal University, and R. R. Zamaletdinova, Director of the Institute of Philology and intercultural communication.L. Tolstoy CFU.


At the meeting, reports in Russian and Tatar languages were made by: abuzyarov R. A. - Professor of wksu.M. utemisova, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Chairman of the Eurasian Center G. Tukaya; Rameev Z. Z. - Professor, doctor of philological Sciences of the Institute of language and literature.G. Ibrahimova; Yakhin F. Z. – doctor of Philology, head of the Department of textology of the Institute of language and literature.G. Ibragimova; Gilazov T. sh. – candidate of philological Sciences, associate Professor of Tatar literature, Institute of Philology and intercultural communication.Tolstoy KFU; Nasybullina N. Sh. - candidate of philological Sciences, researcher at the Center of musical and written heritage of the Institute of language, literature and art.G. Ibragimov of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan; Medvedeva, L. A. – senior researcher of the Literary Museum of G. Tukai in Kazan.

There was a presentation of the academic 6-volume edition of Gabdulla Tukai, foreign guests also gave the library of the University valuable books and collections of articles.

The conference continued at the sessions of the sections «Tukai's legacy in the modern world», «Russian literary studies at the present stage» and«Actual problems of linguistics», at which their reports were made by teachers, undergraduates and students.

At the end of the conference it is planned to publish a collection of reports.