The role of Foreign Languages department branches in providing a qualitative recruitment of entrants.

Priority direction of activity within the professional orientation work of the Foreign Languages Department of WKSU named after M.Utemissov is work on the branches of the department.

Under this egis, a number of activities are carried out: both traditional and using new approaches.

The Department of Foreign Languages ​​actively cooperates with its branches; schools number №8, 12, 19, 21, 28, 36, as well as Linguistic Gymnasium “Umit” in district Terekty. Lecturers of the department regularly conduct interesting classes, entertaining extracurricular activities and creative competitions in English.

In addition, the lecturers of the Foreign Languages Department ​​throughout the year maintain close cooperation not only with all their branches, but also with other schools and colleges and other educational institutions of the city and the region.

For example, 27.10.2017 in Serebryakovskaya Secondary School Kaliyevа A.A. conducted career guidance work. Director N.N. Sattykov presented a teacher A.Kaliyevа to pupils of the 11th grade. A.Kaliyeva told about the work of the university, its faculties, specialties, achievements of university students, the period of study and the necessary documents for training. A video about the university was also shown. Campaign brochures in three languages ​​were distributed to students and posted on the school bulletin board. A protocol was drawn up. There are only 5 students in the class. During the conversation, students asked various questions: they were answered questions about the system of university education, academic mobility.


27.10.2017 teacher Sitalieva R.E. conducted career guidance in Pemetninskaya Secondary School. Director M.S. Uteshev and the head teacher on educational work M.V. Neobutova had a conversation. During the conversation, it was reported that there are 11 graduates in school in 11 "A" and 11 "B" classes. The class teachersassisted in carrying out career guidance. Campaign work was carried out with students, a video about the university was shown. Students were told about the work of the university, faculties, specialties, conditions of study and the necessary documents for training, about the achievements of university students, and also introduced the newspaper "Orken".

06.11.2017 according to the vocational guidance plan of the department of foreign languages, our employer in Uralsk invited the director of the “Bolashak” language center, Candidate of PhilologyAmanbayeva Z.ZH. with a lecture on the topic "Communicative approaches in teaching English" for 4th year students. The lecture was held in English, during which the methodologist established an interactive relationship with the students and began the conversation. During the lecture visual aids were used. The lecture was interesting, and students learned a lot about Oxford teaching methods. Themethodologist’sworkplanisasfollows:

07.11.2017 lecturer of the department E.K. Utemissova visited secondary school №36 and conducted career guidance work and interviewed pupils of grade 11 on the topic “WKSU is our choice”. She told students about the curriculum, faculty and materials of the university. Pupils asked questions about the number of grants, the cost of training and specialties. A protocol was drawn up and a video about our specialty was shown.

08.11.2017 R.M.Kuzhentaeva a teacher of the department conducted career-guidance work at Derkolskaya school №12. Pupils were told about the history of the university, student life, qualified teachers. Students asked a lot of questions. For example, is a university state, which diploma is issued after graduation and the presence of a military department for boys. For example, a student of 11 "A" KravetsPolina was interested in the specialty "Biology", a student of 11 "B" TeleuleuovaAnel asked questions about the specialty "Art". A protocol was drawn up and a video about our specialty was shown.

22.11.2017 lecturerof the Department of Foreign Languages in Pedagogical College named after Zh. DosmukhanbetovaKuspanova B.M. conducted classes for first-year students (IYA-11, IYA/y-17) “Who is the fastest? Who is the smartest?The lesson was conducted in English, during which the methodologist spoke with students in English. Visual clarity was used. The lesson was interesting, and the students learned a lot about this topic.

27.11.2017 senior lecturer R.G. Shamgonova conducted professional orientation in the Fedorov Kazakh secondary school. A specially prepared questionnaire on career guidance on the topic "WKSU - my choice"was conducted with the interviewed pupils of the 11th grade. Students were shown a video about WKSU and provided detailed information about the University. Newspapers and other information sheets about WKSU and University specialties were provided. Replies were given to questions from students. Directors and students were interviewed about their plans, what subjects and what specialties students choose. Information was also given on the specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages". In General, the total number of school graduates is 20 students, who participated in the survey - 16 students. Including 2 students chose WKSU named after M. Utemisov, 4 students did not make any specific decisions. Others want to study in other cities of Kazakhstan. Students chose WKSU: KabashevaBaktygul chooses English language, Bolotova Gulzhauar chooses biology + geography.