"Sunday School": to a new quality of knowledge

Since 2014, the Sunday Schools actively have been functioning at the department. The programs of Sunday linguistic schools include lectures by university scientists on topical problems of the English language, practical exercises on grammar, vocabulary, theory and practice of translation.

In 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 academic years the Sunday Linguistic School "Unicum" operated at the Department of Foreign Languages.The school "Unicum" was opened with the aim of providing a high-quality recruitment of entrants to study at M.Utemisov West Kazakhstan State University. The curriculum was developed by the leading teachers of the department. The classes were carried out in small groups, which made it possible to conduct individual work more effectively and introduce a differentiated approach to training.

And in 2016-2017 academic year, in addition to the “Unicum” school, another Sunday linguistic school "I am an interpreter" was opened for city and regional schools students. Students of the schools "Unicum" and "I am an interpreter" improve their knowledge of the English language there. Many of them become winners of the Olympiads. Classes are conducted by the leading teachers of the Foreign Languages Department of WKSU. The activities of Sunday schools promote personal growth and the formation of students as future specialists.


In Sunday linguistic schools "Unicum" and "I am an interpreter" students of the city and region schools receive a unique opportunity of in-depth learning of English language by modern methods using the system of scientific projects.


Also in 2016-2017 academic year another Sunday linguistic school "KEEP UP YOUR ENGLISH" was opened for students of 9 "A", "B" and 10 "B" class. This program for 9"A" and 9"B" grades is calculated for 102 hours a year (3 hours per week) and 68 hours a year (2 hours per week) for 10 "B" grade. The subject of the course complements the topics provided in the textbook by Sarah Cunningham and Peter Moor "Cutting Edge". It is planned to expand and deepen the content of the standard English language program. The themes are: "Leisure and lifestyle", "Unusual ways of keeping fit", "Choose the right job", "Early to bed, early to rise", "New Year in two different cultures", "Dates and special occasions" Birthday traditions around the world, "Appearances", "Ambitions and dreams", etc. Studying these topics by the students helps to expand their level of communicative competence.

The purpose of the course: development of practical skills in all types of speech activity, that is, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Aims of the course:

- to extend knowledge of the basic grammatical phenomena of the English language;

- to expand knowledge of the basic ways of word formation and teach to work with vocabulary;

- to systematize skills for all types of listening and reading;

-to improve the skills of oral speech according to the proposed topic;

-to improve skills in writing letters and essays;

- to teach the basic strategies of behavior in a difficult language situation.


Classes in Sunday schools prepare students for entrance examinations into the university, give deep and solid knowledge, which allows not only to write a test well or pass a specialized exam in selected disciplines, but also to successfully study at a university in the future.

Classes in Sunday linguistic schools are held in both traditional and intensive forms, which allow students to significantly increase the base, volume and quality of knowledge and successfully pass the UNT in the selected disciplines.

Our credo is a qualitative, flexible, and compatible system for preparing students for the successful passing of exams, taking into account the realities of today.

To prepare candidates for ENT, free Sunday School courses were conducted.

From 10.22.17 to 24.05.18 teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages regularly conducted classes with students of basic schools №20, 1, 38, 46 and Kazakh secondary school in Terektinsky district on a regular basis every Thursday at 16:00. The following teachers mainly conducted the lesson: I.М. Frolov, E.B. Tulegenova, D.B. Navekova, A.N. Shuinshalieva.