"I do not write according to book laws, but at the behest of my own heart» Rasul Gamzatov Rasul Gamzatov is a living legend. His poetry easily and naturally entered the hearts of millions of readers, conquering them with its humanity, passion and simple wisdom. Rasul opened Dagestan to the whole world. In the poetry of the XX century a special place was occupied by the poet Rasul Gamzatov. His poetry admired, read, knew by heart. We, the new generation of students of the XXI century, tried to touch It, R. Gamzatov's poetry and tried to perceive it, to discover the name and poetry of the Avar poet. On March 3, Russian Philology organized a creative evening "Rasul Gamzatov-the singer of good and humanity", dedicated to the life and work of the Avar poet. The organizers were the students of 1-2 courses of Russian Philology and associate Professor Gulnara Umarova Sedegliano.

Students chose poems on their own, on the principle that "closer to their soul." Since Gamzatov's poetry is diverse, each of the readers has found something that his soul needs and that resonates. The main themes in the poet's work were love for his native land, native language, mother and father, loyalty to the history and traditions of his native people, the value of friendship and other different motives Gamzatov devoted many of his extraordinary and wonderful poems. Every verse in the performance of each student has its history and deep thought, for example, the verse "take care of friends", read Jansa of the Met dedicated to all my friends of the author, since he considered her one of the most valuable qualities of human otnoshey, poems, read by Dana Esengalieva, "I am again in love with you" dedicated to the poet's wife, Patimat, with whom he lived for 50 years.As the students were filled with a song, a hymn in memory of the fallen soldiers on the poem by Rasul gamzatovich of "Cranes".

Rasul Gamzatov wrote that poetry " enters the realm of beauty, the realm of love – and it has no measure. It's as if there is something there, if not – no." It is love that accompanies a person throughout his life. Read the poems of the great Dagestan poet, teach yourself love, that is, responsibility for a close, dear, only person. Among this bustle, take a minute to touch the beautiful. Gamzatov's poetry is a healer for your soul. It's not just poetry. This is an amazing beautiful mountain song written by a man with a capital letter.

Aisha KEMEROVA, Phil/p-22