Maslenitsa is one of the most popular folk holidays. This is a fun farewell to winter, joyful expectation of the approaching warmth and spring renewal of nature, as well as the opportunity to have fun and eat pancakes.
Maslenitsa is one of the main holidays of the Russian people and on February 24, students of Russian Philology celebrated the farewell of Maslenitsa. The students of the Phil-12, SONGS 12, RANS-12 has prepared a very interesting and exciting concert, sang songs, dances, folk songs, danced, organized interesting contests and funny games. The event was held in a kind and positive atmosphere, a beautiful table with fragrant and delicious pastries and sweets was laid for the guests. But the most spectacular and striking event was the farewell in winter, the symbol of which is the Scarecrow, traditionally burned Scarecrow.

At the festival were honored guests, teachers and students. Altynbek Abutalebi, head of the Department, said that the Carnival was very interesting and noted the need for such activities, wishing all prosperity and success.