Organized and conducted curatorial hours in the groups of FL-12, 03304 "Constitution is the basis of development and stability", FL -14, FL -21, 03401, 03307 "Айбары асқақ Ата заң", 03402 "Ата заңым-ардақтым", at which students made presentations.

In the group 03301, a poetic evening "Le bouquet de muguets" (curator: Bekmukhambetova SB) was held, in the group FL -21 - poetic evening "Poetry-beyond the borders" (curator: Sapargalieva ME), in the group FL -22 - extra-curricular event "Language is the wealth of the people" (curator: Khokhlacheva ES), in groups 03401, 03307 a round table was held on the topic "Мемлекеттік тіл аясында" (curator: Shunaybekova KM), in groups FL -24, 03403 hours of horticulture on the theme "Multilingualism is one of the priority areas of modern education" (curator: Polyanina OG), in group 03303 a curatorial hour was held on the theme "A different language is a different vision of life" Curator: Esbergenova GI), in the group of FL -15 a polyglot competition "Тіл-ұлт қазынасы" (curator: Kurmangali FT) was held, in the group FL -11 curatorial hour "Тілім менің – тірлігімнің айғағы" (curator: Shamgonova RG), in the group FL -23 curatorial hour "Тіл-ұлт қазынасы" (curator: Gabdesheva AE), in the groups FL -16, FL -17 curatorial hour "Тіл-татулық тірегі"(Curator: Utarova AG), in the group FL -13 curatorial hour "Көп тіл білу мін емес ... "(curator: Nasimullina AB), in group 03304 the event" Language is the living soul of the people "( Curator: Kaliyeva AA), in FL -12 curatorial hour on the topic "The International Translation Day" (curator: N. Lysenko).

On October 13, the students spent the evening "Қош келлдің, студент!" Initiation into students for freshmen. The students of the first year took the oath and received the key of knowledge, students' tickets and test books solemnly.

10/22/2016 activists of the student deanery to determine the active youth and in the framework of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the RK held a gaming event "Алло, біз таланттарды іздейміз!" Among the students of the 1st year.

In October, students visited the Kazakh Drama Theater and took part in performances.

In groups 03403, FL -24, a curatorial hour was held on the topic "Педагогикалық қызметтің эстетикалық аспектілері"(14.10.2016, curator: Polyanina OG). Its purpose: to form the correct behavior of students, and to inform them about the aesthetic culture and pedagogical ethics of teachers.

There are five events dedicated to the Day of the First President were held: in group 03301 - "Менің тұңғыш Президентім" (curator: Bekmukhambetova SB), in the group FL -12 - "Head of state - Nursultan Nazarbayev" (curator: N. Lysenko K.), in group FL -15 - "1 желтоқсан – Тұңғыш президент күні" (curator: Kurmangali FT), in group 03403 - "Regional leader of the Eurasian continent" (curator: O. Polyanina), and in group FL -22 "Head of state - Nursultan Nazarbayev" (curator: Hohlacheva ES). The purpose of the events are acquaintance with the life and work of Nursultan Nazarbayev, by watching a film about the life and activities of the head of state and reviewing books about the first president of the RK, fostering students' feelings of patriotism and love for the Motherland, and following the example of the president of the country.

There are twelve events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan were held. Among them: curatorial hours, festive concerts, essay competition.

In the group FL -22, a competition of presentations "Our Kazakhstan" and "My country-Kazakhstan" was conducted (curator: Hohlacheva ES), in groups 03403, FL -24, the curatorial hour "Voice of the Great Steppe" (curator : Polyanina O.G.), in groups 03403,03401 a contest of presentations "Kazakhstan in the new global reality: independence, growth, development" (curators: O. Polyanina, K. Shunaybekova) was held, in groups FL -11 and FL -13 - "Тәуелсіздік тұғыры биік болсын!" (Curators: Nasimullina AB, Shamgonova RG), in group 03203 - "Тәуелсіздік тұғырым!" (Curator: Esbergenova GI), in the group 03301 "Жасай бер, тәуелсіз ел -Қазақстан!" (Curator: Bekmukhambetova SB), in the group FL -15 "Елімнің бақытын тербеткен тәуелсіздік!" (Curator: Kurmangali FT), in the group 03304 "My Kazakhstan, for all of you There is the Fatherland, and we are proud of you,(Curator: Kaliyeva AA), in the group FL -21 "Тәуелсіздік – қасиет тұнған ұлы ұғым" (curator: Sapargalieva ME), in the groups FL -16, FL -17 "Тәуелсіз Қазақ елім" (curator: Utarova AG), in the group FL -23 - "Елімнің еркіндігі-Тәуелсіздік" (curator: Gabdesheva AE). The purpose of the events is to educate the young generation's sense of patriotism and pride for their country, to teach young people to preserve and multiply the achievements of a sovereign state, to honor the feat of young Kazakhstanis who died in December 1986 for the independence of the state.

In the groups FL -12 and 03403 the curator hour "EXPO-2017" (curators: Polyanina OG, Lysenko NK) was held, in group 03403 a meeting with the teacher of philosophy KM was held. Nauanova on the topic "What is the meaning of life?" (Curator: O. Polyanina), in group FL -22 - "EXPO-2017. Energy of the future" and "Aesthetics of students' behavior" (curator: E.Hohlacheva) "Қазіргі жастардың проблемалары" (curator: Polyanina О.G.), in group 03304 - "Interethnic communication is the basis of unity" (curator: Kaliyeva AA), in group FL -23 there were held a clock on the themes: "Мен Қазақстан болашағымын "," Бір мақсат, бір мүдде, бір болашақ "(curator: Gabdesheva AE).

All the activities were conducted among students of the Faculty of Philology 1-4 courses on the specialty "Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages". Pro-rector for educational work T.M.Darisheva, dean of the philological faculty Z.Zh.Mutiyev, deputy dean of the philological faculty S.S.Almurzina, head of the department of foreign languages ​​G.N.Kismetova, curators and students were present at the events.