Specification of an educational program 6M011800 – Russian and literature

Code and name of specialty

6M011800 – Russian and literature

The appropriated academic degree




Profile subject: Russian and literature

Purpose and results of training:

The purpose of an educational program - to Provide fundamental theoretical preparation on Russianand literature according to high academic standards in the competitive educational environment. To give profound knowledge in modern Russian philology and to be able to carry out the critical analysis of a condition of modern scientific researches; to seize philological knowledge of the basic courses which are based on a linguistic and literary theoretical basis, and also knowledge of elective courses which contents are the latest developments of linguistics and literary criticism.

Problems of an educational program

– To create the system skills connected with the solution of problems of generalization and the analysis of scientific information, generation of new philological knowledge in the context of humanitarian knowledge; to provide mastering research technologies and techniques.

– To create ability of a conscious choice of the direction of future professional activity where optimum employment and career development are possible.

– Graduates have to execute the scientific project which demands profound theoretical knowledge, ability to plan and execute scientific research within the modern scientific paradigms and research technologies providing original result.

– Graduates have to be prepared for training for receiving an academic degree at any leading university of Kazakhstan or other country, or for the research career connected with carrying out researches in areas of philological and humanitarian knowledge.

The undergraduate has to: to have idea:

- about the main stages of development and change of paradigms in evolution of philology; - about subject, world outlook and methodological specifics of the humanities;

- about schools of sciences of philological science, their theoretical and practical development; - about scientific concepts of world and Kazakhstan science in the field of philology; nobility:

- current trends, the directions and regularities of development of domestic science in the conditions of globalization and internationalization;

- methodology of scientific knowledge;

- achievements of world and Kazakhstan science in the field of philological science; to be able:

- to find original application for the existing knowledge, along with practical understanding of how the existing methods of researches and the analysis are applied in philological science to creation and interpretation of new knowledge;

- to estimate methodological approaches, to carry out their critical analysis and if necessary to offer new hypotheses;

to own:

- profound system knowledge and to be able to estimate critically the problems, approaches and tendencies reflecting a current state of the Russian philology;

- the system understanding allowing to estimate critically modern scientific researches and theories in the field of philological and humanitarian knowledge;

- the personal qualities and skills necessary for successful employment and the demanding manifestations of an initiative and a personal responsibility, ability to solve problems in difficult and unpredictable situations, to possess ability to independent training for continuous professional development.

to be competent:

- in the field of scientific and scientific and pedagogical activity in the conditions of fast updating and growth of information streams;

- to show system and creative approach to the solution of complex problems, to be able to draw valid conclusions in the conditions of absence of full data and intelligibly to state the scientific achievements in any audience;

- to show independence and original approach at the solution of scientific problems, independently to plan

and solve problems at the appropriate professional level.