Specification of an educational program in the specialty

5B011800 – Russian and literature

Code and name of specialty

5B011800 - Russian and literature

The appropriated academic degree

Bachelor of formation



Profile subject: Literature

Purpose and results of training: training of the professional competent expert capable creatively to resolve issues of formation, development of the identity of the school student.

The purpose of an educational program - mastering fundamentals of the sciences necessary for future experts for understanding of the main natural phenomena and society, participation in public and work, in the development and self-development of the personality connected with mastering the socially significant experience of mankind embodied in knowledge, abilities, creative activity and the emotional and valuable relation to the world

Problems of an educational program

- receiving fundamental knowledge in the field of philology, mastering humanitarian culture, ethical and the precepts of law governing the relations in professional activity, mastering new methods of the scientific analysis and forecasting of various phenomena, ability to use them in the professional sphere;

- mastering theoretical bases of the learned languages, an oral and written form studied Russian, Kazakh and foreign languages in their various genres and styles. - studying of methodical disciplines for the purpose of formation and development in future teachers of professional skills.

The bachelor has to: to have idea:

- about the role of science, scientific knowledge and its structure, forms and methods, social and ethical problems connected with development and use of achievements of science;


-methods of the linguistic and literary analysis at the creative solution of problem tasks and situations;

- prospects of development of philological disciplines;

to be able:

- to use in practice methods of philological sciences in different types of professional and social activity;

- to use knowledge of history, the basic principles of a sustainable development of the nature and society in the context of the world and Euroasian process for forecasting of possible scenarios of future professional activity;

to own:

- skills of generalization, analysis, perception of information

- a conceptual framework of disciplines of linguistic and literary character with the real facts and the phenomena of professional activity;

- modern information technologies of search, collecting, storage and information processing;

to be competent:

- in modern problems of philology; to possess:

- the professional competence involving employers and partners.