Specification of an educational program 5B020500 – Philology

Code and name of specialty

5B020500 - Philology

The appropriated academic degree

The bachelor of the humanities



Profile subject: Literature

Purpose and results of training: training of the professional competent expert owning thegeneral bases of philological knowledge as a basis for special philological activity.

The purpose of an educational program - providing conditions for receiving full, qualityprofessional education, professional competence of area of the Russian philology. Formation of competitiveness of graduates of the specialty "Philology".

Problems of an educational program

- mastering linguistic disciplines which serve formation of concepts about structure of linguistics as sciences and about language as system and the functioning mechanism, and also knowledge of the theory and methodology of linguistics taking into account change of scientific paradigms and the principles of formation and development of the theory of language;

- mastering literary disciplines which give an idea of the basic theoretical concepts taking into account achievements of world literary criticism, promote understanding of the leading regularities of art creativity; arm students with necessary knowledge of history of the Russian, world and Kazakh literature; acquaint with evolution of childbirth and genres, methods and the directions; with works of outstanding writers, whose works are a contribution as in domestic, and world culture.

The bachelor has to: to have idea:

- about the role of science, scientific knowledge and its structure, forms and methods, social and ethical problems connected with development and use of achievements of science;

- about a current state of philology;


- methodological bases and categories of pedagogics; age psychology and physiology of pupils, typological and their specific features;

- theoretical bases of the taught subject, its structure and the contents in system of preprofile training;

- a technique of teaching Russian and literature at school;

to be able:

- critically to estimate and master new achievements in philology through understanding of their categorial and philosophical and methodological device and applied opportunities;

- to use knowledge of history, the basic principles of a sustainable development of the nature and society in the context of the world and Euroasian process for forecasting of possible scenarios of future professional activity;

to own:

- a conceptual framework of disciplines of linguistic and literary character with the real facts and the phenomena of professional activity;

- modern information technologies of search, collecting, storage and information processing;

to be competent:

- in modern problems of philology; to possess:

- the professional competence involving employers and partners.