The academic mobility - movement of students and teachers of higher educational institutions of a certain period of time to other educational or scientific institution in limits or outside the country for the purpose of training or teaching.

The main barriers to the academic mobility are cultural, social and economic and academic barriers. Bologna Process is attempt to lower these obstacles within the European Space of the Higher Education (ESHE).

Development of the academic mobility of students in the conditions of system of continuous education as one of tools of Bologna Process, helps to accumulate the theoretical and practical experience necessary for application in own educational or professional activity, and also for professional and personal development.

The academic mobility becomes the integral line of modern education and further will only increase. The academic mobility provides a performance of the mission of university, promotes improvement of quality of the higher education, increase in efficiency of scientific research, enhancement of a management system, establishment of external and internal integration processes and communications. For providing competitiveness of our graduates in the labor market with the department carries out enhancement of training programs, creation of the integrated curricula, joint training courses and scientific research.

In recent years works of department the academic mobility at department has increased.

2013-2014 ac.y.

In 2013-2014 ac.y. from 15/09/2013 to 30/07/2014 Kanatova Markhbbat within the scholarship TOSCA2 program (Erasmus Mundus) was trained in Poland, Poznan, Adam Mickiewicz's university.

From 01/10/2013 to 31/03/2014 and from 01.04. to 9/30/2014 Tuleshova Ulzhanay, Khusainova Makpal, Nasipova Moldir, and Zaynushev Adilkhan within the program of the academic mobility of university studied at university of I. Guttenberg to Mainz, Germany.


Within academic year at department 3 guest teachers gave classes: professor of PhD is Karl Kayner – university of Johann Guttenberg – Germany, Mainz (27.10.-22.11.2013); professor of PhD is Orhan Soleymez – Ardakhan university, Turkey Mr. Ardakhan (29.04.-06.05.2014); professor of Lee Jong Hyun is Sangkhoye university, South Korea, Seoul.

 2014-2015 ac.y.

In 2014-2015 ac.y. the student of a bachelor degree Kapezova Dina (01.10.2014-01.04.2015) and two master's degree students Kaliyeva Albina (01.10.2014-30.03.2015) and Sitaliyeva Rosalia (11.11.2014-30.03.2015) within the program of the academic mobility of university studied at university of I. Guttenberg, in Mainz, Germany.

From 20.09.2014 till 20.01.2015 Elyubayeva Aydana and Kanat Aktilek and Tukeshova Nurgul within the academic mobility were trained from 23.03.2015 till 22.06.2015 in the London academy of management, London, Great Britain).


From 03/03/2015 to 30/06/2015 Kereeva Fariza within the academic mobility was trained at Kazemir Veliky's University, Bydgoszcz, Poland).

From 02/02/2015 to 15/05/2015 Ibatova Diana, Mazhitova Karakoz, Sarsengaliyeva Asel, Tlegenova Togzhan, Utegenova Bagilash, Yusupova Asangul within the academic mobility were trained at the Kalmyk state university, Elista, the Russian Federation).