According to the plan of the Department of Russian Philology 2014-2015, 2015-2016 academic years were organized dialectological practice for undergraduate students. The head of the practice is the candidate of philological Sciences, associate Professor G. A. Donskova.
Dialectological practice plan:
1. Introduction to the history of the Russian national language dialects in the twentieth century;
2. History of formation of Cossack dialects. Features the history of the Ural (Yaik) Cossacks;
3. Acquaintance with the history of the region. Meeting with writer A. P. by Alfimova;
4. Familiarity with the place names of Novosilky and Huts;
5. A visit to the Museum "the House of the Cossack Kuznetsova (House of Yemelyan Pugachev);
6. introduction to the history of the people's liberation movement Pugachev;
7. acquaintance with the device of the Cossack house and farmstead;
8. Acquaintance and history of the village (village) Krugloozernogo;
9. Trip to p. Krūgloozernoe, meeting with Anna Averting Konovalova – the head of folklore ensemble "Stanichka" "Ural Cossacks";
10. Work in the dialectological archive N. Mmm.Malechi;
11. a reconciliation of the collected lexical material;
12. completion of the report.