Summed up the results of pedagogical practice of students of the fourth year of the faculty of Philology wksu them. M. Utemisova.

April 5, 2017 at the faculty of Philology wksu. M. utemisova held a traditional final conference on pedagogical practice, the work of which was scheduled in three directions: the practice of students-Russian teachers; report on the work of students during teaching practice; self-analysis of work in the school of trainees. As spectators and listeners it was attended by students of the second and third courses (specialty "Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of education", "Philology: Russian language").

The conference was opened by head of the Department of Russian Philology, candidate of philological Sciences of Abdulmanov A. A.; analytical report was made by the methodologist of Russian language L. K. Daminova, Methodist literature Vydrin N.A. the teacher of SOSH № 6 Usawa B. E.

In his speech, the teacher of SOSH № 1 Usawa B. E., congratulated the students with the end of the practice and briefly analysed the main achievements and mistakes.

During practice, each student was held on 10-11 lessons in Russian language and a 5-6 literature. Students worked with interest and pleasure, responsibly treated their duties, used a variety of forms and methods of organization of educational activities (individual, pair, group work; mutual verification, mutual inquiry), pedagogical technologies (ICT, project, game). Used in lessons differentiated tasks.

At the conference, students shared their experience of organizing lessons and extracurricular activities. Future teachers shared the results of their own observations and research. In the speeches, it was pointed out the difficulties faced by students. For example, for a novice teacher a difficult moment in his work is the assessment of the work of students.

Recall that in school No. 1 were sent to the following students 03405 (specialty "Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language learning"): Albarakati Ball, Gul Marina, Aisulu Zhussupova, Alimbekova Aidan, Maksimova Samal, Sarymova Meiramgul, Asadullaeva togzhan and third-year student (group 03308, specialty "Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language learning") Negmatova Asemgul.

In Nazarbayev Intellectual school were sent to the students group 03405 Turmaganbetova Karlygash, Capitalia Bekzat Akhmetkalieva Aigerim. Student group 03405 Yesengalieva Ranida was held teaching practice at school № 3 of the district of Jangala.

In school № 6 was sent 03404 students majoring in "Russian language and literature": the Male Victoria, Julia Shabanov, Viktoria Isaeva and students 03406 (specialty "Philology: Russian language") Erbusco Nurdaulet and Sadaddinova Natalia.

In Chilik school named after L. Klyshev, located in the village of Chingirlau, was sent Kiva Ekaterina (group 03404, specialty "Russian language and literature"), in the school № 49 of Aktobe practice almagambetova Meruet (group 03406, specialty "Philology: Russian language").

Future teachers expressed their gratitude to the teachers-mentors for their invaluable assistance in practical training, professionalism and pedagogical skills.

The results of the practice are summed up. Thanks to the indissoluble creative Union of teachers of chair "Russian Philology"and teachers of schools of the city of Uralsk students of the fourth course rose by one step of pedagogical skill.