Traditionally, students of Russian Philology celebrate the birthday of the great poet. This year, June 4, 2017, under the leadership of senior lecturer of Rosalind's Aserone Vinnik students of 1-2 courses held in the House-Museum of A. S. Pushkin in Uralsk Pushkin holiday of poetry.

The organizers are convinced that the poetry festival contributes to the introduction of the young generation to the humanitarian values, mobilization of the public of Kazakhstan for the transition to new educational approaches in spiritual and moral education, the formation of interest in students to the world literature.

The work of Pushkin is not only the beginning of Russian classical literature, but also part of the world culture, is on a par with the works of brilliant artists of the word, like Goethe, Voltaire, Abay.

Pushkin's works do not lose relevance to this day, admiring the love of freedom, the expression of different facets of human feelings. They have been translated into dozens of languages, uniting admirers of all ages, religions and nationalities.

At the evening of poetry senior lecturer Rosalind eizerovna Vinnik acquainted the guests of the evening with the origins of the poet, motivated by the idea why " reading his works, you can perfectly educate a person." Pushkin's poems about the beauty of nature, about love as a source of inner freedom and harmony, about citizenship sounded in the performance of students.

The main organizer of the poetry Evening was the Department of Russian Philology of West Kazakhstan state University. M. Utemisova.

On June 6, at the monument to Pushkin with the participation of fans of his poetry: students, teachers, teachers, keepers of the historical and cultural heritage of the region, creative youth of the city and Vice-Consul of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Uralsk Ponomarev Held an event dedicated to the memory of the classic. Fans of Pushkin's poetry read not only Pushkin's poems, but also the dedication of his memory and talent of other authors. Thus, the 2nd year student of the specialty "Russian language and literature in schools with non – Russian language of education" Albina Tleulieva, a graduate of the Kazakh school, read Pushkin's "Burned letter", senior lecturer Rosalind eizerovna Vinnik – a poem By the silver age poet Mikhail Kuzmin, and local historian Alexander Komarov-a poem by Zhuban Moldagaliev about Pushkin.