"Not knowing the past, it is impossible to understand

the true meaning of the present and future goals"

Maxim Gorky

In early September, the freshmen group "Russian language and literature": RYAL-12 and "Philology: Russian language": Phil-12 (the curator of which is Utarova N.T.) in order familiarize with the history of one of the oldest universities in the country visited the Museum WKSU. The University Museum is the ideological, educational and scientific, research and educational unit of the University. It occupies an important place in the ideological work and serves as a center of moral, aesthetic, ethical education of students and University staff.

During the tour, saw a gallery of Directors and rectors of the University since 1932, the international award of the University, cups athletes of our University, the layout of WKSU, learned about the history of the University education, about the life and work of the teaching staff in the faculties, on the brightest moments of a student life, etc.

Also, the freshmen visited the Pushkin Museum, which was created in the Chieftain's house, a monument of architecture and history, where the poet stayed in 1833, when he collected material about the "history of the Pugachev rebellion". The students learned that in the Chieftain's house was also stopped other famous writers: I. Krylov, V. Dal, V. Zhukovsky, T. Shevchenko, A. Pleshcheev, Tolstoy, etc., the Students saw recreated the atmosphere of the period in the life of the great classics: antique furniture, candlesticks, an inkpot with a pen, a wall clock. The Museum has a collection of old books "Captain's daughter" and "History of the Pugachev rebellion", a copy of the poet's manuscripts, photos and documentary materials about poets and writers, who visited the Urals, reliable information about the witnesses of the visit of A. S. Pushkin in Uralsk.