In 2017/18 academic year on the chair of foreign languages by the Day of Languages 7 arrangements were organised by the teachers and students of the speciality «Foreign language: two foreign languages» . They were curator hours «Тіл – татулық тірегі», «Тілі басқа-тілегі бір, жүзі басқа- жүрегі бір!» , competitions «Knowledge is Power», «Language- the soul of the people», composition competition «Linguists’ Competition», «Ел болашағы- қазақ тілінде»,вечер поэзии «Тілге құрмет – елге құрмет». Students actively participated in all arrangements.

The purposes and tasks of all named arrangements were: upbringing of Kazakhstan patriotism and feeling of pride of the Native land, acquaintance with the history of our people, expansion of students outlook . Students were informed that each RK citizen has the right to use the native language, on a free choice of languagefor communication, education, training and creativity. Necessity of languages awareness, traditions of different nationalities has been noted. It is very important to bring up love and respect for the native language and the country, to impart interest to knowledge of a state language, to form patriotism through studying of a cultural heritage of the people.

Week of languages began with the poetry soiree «Тілге құ рмет - елге құ рмет» which took place on September, 19th, students of group 03401 and participants of a student's circle on the French language «Un voyage a travers la France» (Curator Bekmuhambetova S.B.) were the organizers.The poetry soiree «Тілге құ рмет - елге құ рмет» began with presenting the hymn of students «Gaudeamus» in Latin language by the students . At the poetry soiree students recited poems of well-known Kazakh, Russian, American, French and German poets. They sang songs and showed scenes in a foreign language. At the poetry soiree the best reciters, such as Nurpeisova Aimanai, Karibai Ademi, Kunebaeva Dinara, Koshan Dana, Nuribek Guldana, Seilikhanova Gulnaz,etc. were determined.

According to the plan of educational arrangements for 2017- 2018 academic year on September, 22-nd the students of group ИЯ--15 organised the intellectual game «Knowledge is power». (Tutor:Utemisova E.K.). Al lthe students of the group took an active participation in it and showed their knowledge, intelligence and talent.The competition consisted of three stages, such as:

1stage - "Videoclip" (participants of competition showed videoclips and slides).

2 stage - « Have you remembered?» (questions and answers on the seen slides and videoclips).

3stage - «Questions - answers» ( team members are asked questions ).

Upon termination of all these rounds the best teams were defined. All the students liked the game and wished to organise such intellectual games more often in future .

On September, 20th groups ИЯ/у -26, ИЯ/у -27 held a tutor hour on the theme: «Тіл татулық тірегі». (Tutor:Utarova A.G.).The Students actively participated in it , read newspaper articles where issues of transition to Latin Alphabet ,as a step of a new generation in a world educational space were touched upon. The students noted the great number of world countries uses Latin Alphabet in spite of the purpose and the language. The students accepted as a slogan the President’s words that transition to Latin Alphabet the youth, the future of the country took without any efforts,it will step by step, from simple to complex.

On September, 20th group ИЯ -33 held a tutor hour on the theme: " на тему: "Тілі басқа-тілегі бір, жүзі басқа жүрегі бір" (Tutor:Gabdesheva A.E.). The arrangement was organised in the form of competition which consisted of 4 stages, such as:

1-stage: "Acquaintance" (each participant shows apresentation).

2-stage: «We talents» (competition of readers, singers).

3-stage: "Expert" (questions-answers).

4-stage: «Cooking national dishes». (Dish)

Almurzina Samal Serikkalievna a dean’s assistant of the philological faculty was present at the arrangement and gave a congratulatory word and noticed in her speech, that the modern language situation in Kazakhstan allows to speak about three languages as about the essential factor of strengthening the public consent. The variety of cultures and languages, their equal coexistence are unconditional property of our country, and the carried out language policy provides observance of the language rights of all ethnoses and gives a free choice of language for communication,getting education , realisation of creative requirements. «Triunity of languages» - studying of the Kazakh language as state, Russian – as the language of international communication and English – as the language of successful integration into global economy. In the end of the speech she wished students success in studying foreign languages.

Also, on September, 20th students of groups ИЯ-22, ИЯ/у-14 held the arrangement on the theme: “Linguists’ Competition”. (Tutor : Lysenko N.K.). The arrangement was organised in three languages. The students prepared presentations and slides in the Kazakh, Russian, English, French and in German languages. At the beginning of the arrangement there was a song “We are the world” sang by all the students.Then on the program Kahoot the quiz wasprepared and held. The students took an active participation and by students answers prize-winning places were defined: 1-place –Bulekbaeva L. Л, 2-place – Tulenbergeneva T., 3-place Kirgeneva A.