"The theater teaches like a thick book cannot do it," Voltaire said. Students of West Kazakhstan State University were convinced of the validity of the statement. In the routine of everyday life, full-time students often do not have the opportunity and time to get involved to the values of culture and art. Teachers of the department of Russian philology constantly pay attention to educational work, including cultural and mass events for students of both the philological faculty and students of non-linguistic faculties who study Russian with interest.

Last week, responsible for the educational work and at the same time curator of 1st year students a lecturer of the Russian philology's cathedra Akhmetova Gulnara Narimanovna by means of active support of colleagues organized a trip of students of 1-3 courses to the Ural Russian Drama Theater named after A. Ostrovsky.

Leaving textbooks and the Internet for a while, the guys plunged into the romanticism of the theatrical spirit. The auditorium of the theater was full, despite the fact that it was a weekday, and it was not by chance, since the famous Spanish comedy Lope de Vega "The Fool" was presented in its modern interpretation.

The performance made a strong impression. The students got a unique opportunity to make sure that for 400 years the author's sparkling and mischievous jokes have sounded, the actors are playing with love in this game in Love and Stupidity ... A stunning performance!

After receiving positive emotions, guys can start learning again!