On March 5, 2018 at department of the Russian philology of philological faculty there has passed the literary soiree of poetry of Robert Rozhdestvensky. This evening has attracted interest not only of students of philological faculty, but also of students of faculties "Cultures and arts" and "Natural and geographical", in particular, specialties "Design", "Vocal art", "Traditional Musical Art" and "Biology". During the evening students could experience a rhythm and "stanzas of a century" of Rozhdestvensky. The graduate student of 1 course of the specialty "Russian and literature" Asel Utegenova, students of 1 course Akzhemis Aygali, Zamanbek Eraliyev, Daulet Maximov, Miras Amanbayev, Nazym Ayupova, Asem Amanzholova, Nursultan Saktay of "Vocal art", Lida Nigmash of "Traditional musical art", Nuray Sundetova of "Biology", Anelya Sadarova and Gulnaz Zhusupova "Design" have caused a stir with special actor's and penetrating reading. During the evening students and teachers have enjoyed not only fine poetry of Robert Ivanovich, but also fragments of author's reading from the movie "Zastava Ilyicha", the "Kak mnogo let lyubov vo mne spala" song performed by Roza Rymbayeva, the song ”Bud pozhaluista poslabee” performed by Aleksey Vorobyov on a modern harmony in a rap style and a fragment from the famous movie "Semnadtsat mgnovenii vesny" the song written on Rozhdestvensky's words have listened to video. Evening has been organized by associate professor Gulnara SeydegaliyevnaUmarova and the graduate students of 1 course Asel Utegenova and Nazym Yergaliyeva.