The beginning of October unites two festive dates: day of elderly people and day of the Teacher. The University became a good tradition to annually congratulate the veterans of pedagogical work, who worked within the walls of wksu them.M. Utemisova. The staff of the Department of Russian Philology does not ignore any of its recent and long-standing colleagues. Teachers and students visited the veterans ' home of old age: Professor Abuzyarova R. A., senior teachers Bysenalieva, Semenova L. N. and Rusakova N. G., laboratory Shibaeva. They were presented with gifts and flowers that will long please our senior colleagues. Sometimes you are amazed at the combination of young enthusiasm and wisdom, which they differ. How many in them optimism, vivacity, live participation! Communication with them is a great pleasure-as if you come into contact with the history of the Institute and with the spirit of Education, which is famous for our University. And on the eve of the Teacher's day the Department gathered its young pensioners and teachers who are always with us. This senior lecturer winnick, R. e, senior laboratory assistant N. With.Valitova and teachers, needanotary moms. There were lyrical songs, good jokes, colleagues discussed scientific and family news, words of gratitude to the older generation of Teachers and Mentors and words of farewell to our young colleagues: Sedova N., Utrova.T... A. S. kriulya, who joined the ranks of teachers of the Department after graduating from the master's program.