Kemeshova Aisha Amangeldievna, 4th year student of the Faculty of Philology, is one of the owners of the scholarship named after the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev.

After graduating from the Grigoryevsk secondary school of Burlin district with the sign of Altyn Belgi and enrolling in the ZKGU named after M. Utemisov, Aisha became a student in the philological faculty of the specialty "philology: Russian language".

From the first days of study in the walls of her alma mater, she showed herself as an active person. In 2017, she became the best in the annual contest “Star WKSU” in the nomination “Best Correspondent”, timed to the 26th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The student confesses that she is often asked the question: why, being the owner of AB, she did not use the opportunity to enter leading universities of our country, such as the Eurasian National University named after L.N.Gumilyov, Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi.

To which she always replies: “From school, I liked to read classical literature, both Russian and Kazakh. In addition, my parents are teachers, and their example has always been before me.

In general, I believe that everything is in the hands of a person; nothing depends on his social status, education, or profession. When choosing a profession, I, of course, took into account the prestige and status level of universities, and I want to note that our WKSU does not lag behind the capital's universities and is considered an old educational institution with a rich history, outstanding graduates and a good atmosphere ... At the moment I don’t regret about my choice. "

To date, Aisha Kemeshova has a wide experience of publications in journalism from school. This is facilitated by her ability to grammatically and stylistically correctly present the material, reporter's acumen and mobility. Already in her first year, the student became a regular correspondent for the university newspaper "Orken", she writes articles for the regional newspaper "Ural region." In addition to everything, except for public affairs of the university and studies, the girl is leading many events on the stage.

Answering the question “The greatest opportunity that the university has given you,” Aisha responds: “There is such a phrase from US President A. Lincoln:“ We must not think about what the Motherland does for you, but about what you will do for the Motherland. ” In accordance with this, you need to think about what you will do for the university, how you will contribute to its development. The university gave me opportunities such as participation in various competitions, conferences in Astana, nominations for the WKSU prize. If we work together for the good of the university, we will certainly raise it. ”