In 2018-2019. the chair was a part-time master Sagingalieva A. O. and Professor A. Bankowska., the number of candidates of Sciences has increased, as was hired Ph. D., associate Professor Kulmagambetova S.S. Degree at the Department is 19.4% and increased by 3.8%.

3 masters of pedagogical Sciences and master of foreign languages were hired. Teacher Shuanshaliyeva A. N. entered this year in the postgraduate course of Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, specialty "comparative-historical, typological and contrastive linguistics".

Senior teacher Lysenko entered this year for PhD in KazUIR & WL named after Abylaykhan 6D011900 in the specialty “Foreign language: two foreign languages»

None of the teachers is trained in doctoral PhD abroad. The Ministry of education allocates grants to our University. Every year an increasing number of graduate students in the Department. They have great opportunities to enter the doctoral program (PhD) in the future. In 2016-2017. 1 course were enrolled 9 undergraduates; for 2 year – 12 graduates. In 2017 2018гг. 1 course trained 9 graduate students; 2 course 9 undergraduates. In 2018-2019, on 1 course trained 14 graduate students; 2 course 9 undergraduates.