On January 29, 2019, a memorial evening was held in the museum named after A.S. Pushkin under the title “That time cherish in memory. Reading and remembering Pushkin…», dedicated to the 220th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian poet. There took an active part 1 year students of the department of Russian philology ZKGU them. M. Utemisov. The solemn event was organized by the West-Kazakhstan Regional Universal Scientific Library named after J. Moldagaliev and Orenburg Regional Universal Scientific Library named after N. Krupskaya as part of the joint project “And the eternal Pushkin continues to live in descendants” and not by chance dedicated to the poet’s death.

The main idea of the project was the intention of the organizers to inculcate in the younger generation not only love for the poetic word, book, but also a sense of pride in the involvement of the native land in historical events that attracted the attention of the great classic, to arouse interest in the little-known pages of his creative biography. As you know, various life and social circumstances brought outstanding Russian writers to our region. Their stay in the Urals region had a different response in their work. Among them is the great classic of world literature, the eternal companion in the life of each of us, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. The opening ceremony of the memorial evening was marked by an informative tour conducted by the head of the museum, Kakimova KU.

Further, the word for welcoming the guests was given to the teacher of the department of Russian philology, who thanked the organizers for the honor extended to the student delegation to be invited among the honored guests, famous scientist of local lore.