6 events were held in honor of the day of the First President. Curatorial hours in groups IA-43, IA-41, "my first President"(curator: S. Hadasova E., S. Kenzhegalieva G), under S-42 the "Leader of the Nation"(curator: Seitalieva R. E.), the group IA-33 "look into the future: Rouhani Jair" (curator: S. Nasybullina)B.) group IA-12 "Eli his, Loves his President,"(curator: Bekmukhambetova S. B.), the group IA-15 "Loves his President,"(curator: Natekov D. B.), the group IA-17 "I am always together with the country" (curator: Nugmanova S. A.) and group IA-25 "national tenge-symbol of independence".

The purpose of the event: a Review of the life and work of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the consecration of his life as the first President of the Kazakh people, watching a film about the life and work of the head of state; review of books of the first President of Kazakhstan.

To cultivate students ' love for the Motherland, patriotism, to follow the example of the President of the country.

For the day of national currency in groups IA-11, IA-22 hosted a round table on the topic "Tenge-memleket kelby" (curator: Esbergenova G. I., O. G. Polyanina), the group IA – 12 "Ulttyk valutni lyptus and the lady" (curator: Bekmukhambetova S. B.) in groups IA – 23, IA - 43 "Ulttyk tenge-Twelths nishani" (curator: Khamsin O. T., Gabbasova A. E.), under S-33 "TL tegels thesemen!"(curator: A. B. Nasibullina) in group IA – 21 "Tenge - memleket kelby" (curator: Choibekova K. M.) and group IA – 17 "Ulttyk currency – tenge TL" (curator: A. A. Nugmanova)