On the occasion of the 27th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the plan were held 6 planned and extraordinary events. This curatorial hours, holiday concerts, essay competitions, etc. In the group FL-11 "təuelsiz Kazakhstan!"in group IA-15 "Elms archg – Tauelsizdik!"in group IA-41 "Tauelsizdik try" in group IA-32 "My Independent Kazakhstan", in the group of IA-35 "Toeless Kazak Elim" in the group IA-22, "BIZ Erkin Eldin and state of ballerinas".

    The purpose of the event: to form a love for the Motherland, love for the land and the country, to cultivate a sense of responsibility and patriotism, to show students how important it is to become an honest citizen of the country.

On the theme of "Academic honesty" among students of 1-4 courses were held curatorial hours.

All events were held among students of the faculty of Philology 1-4 courses in the specialty foreign language: two foreign languages. At the events was attended by the Dean of the faculty of Philology Z. J. Mutiev, Deputy Dean of the faculty of Philology Turganalieva G. G., acting head of the Department of foreign languages Utegaliev B. B., curators, and students of the academic groups.