Spiritual and moral development

The purpose of spiritual and moral education is the development of spiritual qualities in society. In this direction, curatorial hours and festive concerts were held on the day of the teacher. 4 curatorial hours were held in groups. The group -22 in honor of Teachers "Ustazym, I'm predominate..."(curator: Polyanina O. G.), in group IYA-12 " Ustaz Degen-ulagatty Uly ESIM!"(curator: S. B. Bekmukhambetova), the group IA-31 "Ustaz Degen-ulagatty Uly ESIM!"(curator: Samsonova R. G.), the group IA-15 "Ustaz ATA-solemn and eternal" (curator: D. B. Natekov)

The purpose of curatorial hours: the formation of students ' sense of special warmth, love for the teacher. Teaching students respect, respect for the teacher, respect for the teacher, the ability to evaluate the work of the teacher. Morality, respect for elders, providing education.

Also, students of the specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages" take an active part in city-wide events. So 2018года 16 November at 15h. the students of the groups IA-12,IA-31,IA - 32,IA-34,IA-35, studying the German language under the guidance of a senior lecturer  Shunaibekova K. M took part at the event on the city level, conducted by the German cultural society "Heimat" with the support of the Assembly of peoples of Kazakhstan. It was a carnival "Fasching" where students in bright outfits participated in a costume masquerade dancing, singing songs and poems in German. All students and head Shunaibekova K. M. at the end of the event were awarded with Diplomas, letters of thanks and memorable gifts.