Report on educational work for the 1st semester of the 2018-2019 academic year in the department of "Foreign Languages".

Educational work is an integral part of the educational activities of the department "Foreign Languages". The main goal of educational work is the formation of a fully developed personality of the future specialist.

When implementing the main goal of educational work with students, the following tasks are solved:

- the formation of an active citizenship and respect for the law;

- the development of a sense of duty and social responsibility for their behavioral actions and decisions;

- the formation and development of communication skills and management skills in various forms of student government and public life of the university;

- the formation of a conscious understanding of the social mission of their profession, their professional competencies and their social significance

for society;

- the development of spiritual, moral and cultural qualities of the individual;

- the formation of the need for the creative realization of their abilities and in a healthy lifestyle;

- the formation of ethical culture, compliance with ethical norms and rules of interpersonal communication.

Educational work at the department is carried out in accordance with the concept of educational work at the university, approved by the rector and in accordance with the annually developed and approved plan of educational work. The main goal of higher professional education is to ensure professionalization and education of specialists who are able to work in new social and economic conditions.

In accordance with the Concept for the basic principles of educational

works in include:

  • the principle of democracy, which implies equality, partnership,
  • harmony of interests of society and the individual;
  • the principle of consistency, implying integrity,
  • consistency and continuity of the educational process;
  • the principle of the unity of professionalization and socialization;
  • The principle of legal awareness;• active approach to education, aimed at the development
  • social activity, communicative and leadership features;
  • creative nature, the dynamism of the life of students;
  • the principle of taking into account individual characteristics and capabilities
  • students;
  • the principle of the connection of education with the life of the state society;

Educational work at the Department is carried out in accordance with the annually developed and approved plan of social and educational work for the next calendar year. The plan reflects the activities, timing and responsible (teachers, curators, members of the Student Council, etc.).

The main objectives reflected in the plan for the 2018-2019 academic year are::

- education of political culture and establishment of tolerant consciousness through educational process, counteraction to terrorism and extremist activity;

- formation of culture, health, moral and ethical

relation to reality.

- systematic work on civil and Patriotic education, preparation for the celebration of the 74th anniversary of the great Victory;

- formation of students ' ecological consciousness, respect for nature;

- prevention of antisocial behavior of University students;

- formation of anti-corruption Outlook; at the level of the student group educational work is carried out by teachers-curators. Their functions include:

- the formation of an asset group;

- creating a cohesive team of students;

- informing the administration about the requests and needs of students;

- attracting students to participate in the student life of the branch and

research activities.

The organization of the trend of education at the proper level helps students to develop in the right direction. Conducting curatorial hours for the comprehensive development of the student is the responsibility of each curator of the group. These works will certainly help our students to develop our society and culture in the future.

Conducted for 2018-2019 educational work of the Department "Foreign language" based on the preferences of students and were aimed at education in the spirit of youth patriotism, respect for languages, traditions and cultures of other Nations, maintaining ethnic and religious harmony between students.

The Concept of development of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan was discussed in order to encourage students to quality education . The organization of the trend of education at the proper level helps students to develop in the right direction.

The main activities carried out at the level of the Department and the University include the following:

  • The occasion of "student Day." - the dedication of freshmen in students;
  • Open day;
  • KVN competitions;
  • Regular holidays: New year, Independence Day, Constitution day, international women's day; celebration of the anniversary of the Victory;
  • Participation in the events dedicated to the increase of students ' electoral activity;
  • Part in the ceremony of awarding diplomas to graduates;
  • Participation in volunteer actions;


Methodological support

September 1-day of knowledge. On this day, the faculty of Philology with the participation of the departments of "foreign languages" was held an event to familiarize first-year students with the West Kazakhstan state University. M. utemisova and the faculty of Philology.  At this event, with useful information "University of history of the word and new methods of training" was made By the head of the Department utegalieva B. the work plan for the academic year 2018-2019, the purpose of which is to strengthen the trend aimed at the education of young people in educational institutions. The plan includes 7 areas that affect the potential development of the specialist's personality. At each course, the parameters necessary for personal development were determined.

 Formation of patriotism, moral norms and morality, ethnic tolerance and social harmony, the development of physical and spiritual culture.