From February 18 to February 22 in the framework of the methodical week of the Faculty of Philology. In all the faculties of our university, teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​held various open events: quizzes, contests, a lesson conference, an Olympiad, a poetry evening.

Theme: "Teacher's workshop: technology design and conduct of modern classes"

The objectives of the week of foreign languages:

- improving the quality of training,

- development of professional competence of the teaching staff;

- identification and dissemination of the experience of creative teachers of the department;

- improvement of professional skills through direct participation in the organization and holding of various events.

So February 18, at the Faculty of Geography, were held an event on the theme “Planet of English”

Group: X-11, G-12, Geo-12, Eco-12

Building №5.29aud. Time: 11.10.

Kaliyeva A.A., Sitalieva R.E., Turezhanova G.A.

teachers, masters


1.Olimpiad in English.

Group: IL-11, IL-12, IL-13, IL-15.

Building №1 aud. 425. Time: 14.00

Utemisova EK, senior teacher, master.

2. "Welcome to the world of English."

Group: M-21, M-22, M-23, M-11, Inf-11.

Building number 1, 422 aud. Time: 15.00.

Khamzin OT, teacher., Medeu G.M., senior teacher


1. “How is your English?”. Quiz

Group: KDR-11, BD-11, TMI-11, Rezh-21

Time: 14.10 No. 4 building 414 aud.

Kabasova KA, Navekova DB, masters, teachers

2. "Trip to English speaking countries" .Quiz

Group: FKS -11, FKS-23, SPS-11, DOV-11.

Building number 7, 407 aud. Time: 15.00.

A.G. Kenzhegaliyeva, A.E. Gabdesheva, Art. Tleukenova E. teachers

3. "The world of classics and poetry of the French and German language."

Group: IL-12, EL-32, IL-34

Case: №1korpus.316 aud Time: 15.10

Shunaybekova KM, Bekmukhambetova S.B., senior teacher


1. Lecture on the methodology "Shet tіlіn oқytudyң maқsattary".

Group: FL-21, FL-23, FL-25, FL-27 / y

Building number 1 aud.209. Time: 11.10

Nasimullina A.B.St.prep.

2. Project competition on the theme: “Innovative ways of learning English”.

Group: FL-31, FL-32, FL-33.

Building № 1.316 aud. Time: 15.00

Daulova L.T. prep.

3. "Myths and traditions of English."

Group: Yr-11, Yr-13, Yr-15, Yr-19

Building number 3. Act Hall. Time: 15.00

Kuzhentaeva R.M., Utarova A.G. prep.


1. A lecture on the method of "Methods and FLT in a Profile School".

Group: FL-32.

Building number 1 aud. 425. Time: 13.10


2. Poetic evening in English.

“In the Realm of Beauty”.

Group: Ryalsh-22, IL / y -27, Ryazl-12

Building No. 1.Aud 425. Time: 15.00

Ph.D., associate professor Chechetko MV, Frolov I.M. prep.