February 17, 2019, the students of the group ИЯ-33 visited the regional H. Bukeev Kazakh - drama theater, where they saw the performance by N.Saudanbekov «Мұқағали-Нұрғиса».


On February 20, 2019, French and German poetry soiree, «Француз және неміс тілдерінің поэзия мен классика әлемі», was held. The students of the groups ИЯ-31, ИЯ-33, ИЯ-35 showed excellent knowledge of the literary works in the original. This event was organized by the senior teachers of the department: S. Bekmukhambetova. , Shunaybekova K.M.

Poems: «J’aime Paris au mois dе mai»

Staging: «Snow White and Seven Dwarfs» in german language

Staging: «Les Miserables: Cosetta’s story»

On February 21, Alexey Kotelnikov gave the concert “Memoirs” performed by the violinists ensemble conducted by Nadezhda Nurpeisova in G.Kurmangaliev Regional Philharmonic Hall. The students of the group ИЯ-12 had the opportunity to hear beautiful music performed by various musical instruments: violins, cellos, guitars and pianos.