West Kazakhstan state University. M. Utemisov Department of Kazakh Philology Report on the state pedagogical practice of students of specialty 5B011700 "Kazakh language and literature", 5B012100 "Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language of instruction" in 2018-2019 academic year

According to the curriculum and schedule of the 4th year students majoring 5V011700 "Kazakh language and literature" and 5В012100 of the specialty "Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language learning" full-time study 21.01.2019-30.03.2019 G. during training, passed the state practical teaching training at the following institutions: secondary school №1, School-Lyceum № 38 named. A. Moldagulova, school № 34, high school named after A. Taimanov, school №40, № 47, Nazarbayev Intellectual school. Methodists: candidate of Philology., associate professors R. G. Muhambetkalieva, Z. G. Mutiev, candidate of Philology., senior lecturer J. Shaiekenov, PhD, associate Professor I. S. Sultaniyazova, senior lecturer, master N.Akhatova, candidate of Philology, senior lecturer K. Aronov, master Zh.Musina. That is, 32 students were trained from the institutions of the city, the remaining 9 students went to the place of residence.

And students of specialty 5B012100 "Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language" school №17, № 23 (Methodist candidate of Philology., associate Professor R. B. Sultangalieva), with the request of D. Tlepov, Aktobe, Alginsky district, marzhanbulak Secondary school, M. baykadamova WKO., Burlinsky district, Pugachev secondary school-kindergarten (Methodist candidate of Philology., associate Professor R. B. Sultangalieva) passed pedagogical practice.

The students of the specialty 5B020500 "Philology: Kazakh language" (fil-41, Phil-43) 28.01.2019-16.03.2019 was organized in the following organizations internship: publishing center wksu them. M. Utemisova, channel TDK-42, Ural humanitarian College, internal Affairs department, LLP Zhaiyk Press, center of culture and art. Kadyr Myrzaliyev. Methodist – senior lecturer, master G. Turganalieva, teacher, master R. Sisenbaeva, senior lecturer, master of Akbulatov A., senior lecturer, master Zh.Musina. That is, 17 students were trained in educational institutions of the city, the remaining 22 students were trained at the place of residence.

Methodologists for the management of practice are appointed experienced teachers of the Department with extensive experience in passing and management practices in secondary schools. They attend classes and conduct methodological analysis, directing trainees to effective teaching activities. Under the guidance of experienced methodologists, students try to apply a variety of innovative methods and techniques, making the lessons of the Kazakh language and literature interesting and exciting.

Students who had an internship in NIS, were able to adapt quickly, mastered the technique, established good contact with both subject teachers and students. Their lessons were characterized by a creative approach, the use of modern technical means of training in all lessons.