Presentation of the discipline as one of the means of formation student's motivation to the learning process

On April 3, 2019, the department of Russian philology held a presentation and selection of elective disciplines for students of 1-3 courses of specialties "Russian language and literature", "Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction", "Philology: Russian language" on 2019- 2020 school year.

The event was attended by teachers of the Department of Russian Philology, students, undergraduates. Also for the presentation of the disciplines were invited teachers from other departments.

The head of the department, Umarova GS, acquainted the audience with the purpose, objectives and regulations of the event, and also explained the order and stages of the formation of educational programs of specialties.Adviser specialties of the department Utarova N.T. presented to the audience catalogs of elective disciplines.

Then the word was given to teachers who presented elective disciplines. In their speech, they briefly focused on the content of the disciplines, highlighted the goals and objectives of the disciplines.The students asked a series of questions regarding the relevance of the disciplines and their practical significance, to which they received exhaustive answers.

The presentation of the disciplines "English Language 2.1", "English Language B2.2", "Practice of oral and written speech", "Theoretical Phonetics of a Foreign (English) Language" was provided by the master, teacher of the department of foreign languages Frolov I.M.

As is known, in connection with the introduction of multilingual education, students of Russian-speaking groups study some special disciplines in Kazakh and English.

The disciplines “History of Foreign Literature” and “History of World Literature” (in English) were presented by the teacher Akhmetova GN, the disciplines “Comparative Grammar of Russian, Kazakh and English”, “Interlingualistics” (in English) were presented by the teacher Abuzyarova E. R., “Latin language” was presented by Sedova E.A.

About the Russian literature of all periods, as well as about the disciplines "Poetry of the Golden Age", "Modern literary process" Vydrina N.А gave detailed information, about the disciplines "History of Kazakh literature", "Theory of literature", "Literary regional studies" informed by candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Umarova G. S.

An interesting presentation of the discipline "Onomastics of Kazakhstan" was prepared by candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Donskova G.A. and master, teacher Utarova N.T.Donskova G.A. also spoke about the following disciplines: “Linguistic analysis of a literary text”, “History of the Russian literary language”, “General linguistics”.

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department Utegenova KT, a specialist in the field of pedagogical innovation, spoke with the disciplines "Cognitive linguistics", "Basics of ethnopsycholinguistics" and "Theory and technology of updated education", the last of which caused particular interest, since University students are currently studying methods for updated content of general education.

Thus, according to the results of the event, a list of elective disciplines was determined for study in the 2019-2020 school year and their inclusion in the students' individual curriculum. At the end of the presentation of disciplines with the help of an adviser, students compiled IEPs.