"Pushkin is the never-setting sun of Russian poetry"

Annually, on June 6, Kazakhstan celebrates the birthday of the genius of Russian poetry A.S. Pushkin as a holiday that truly acquired international status. The Day of the Russian Language is timed to this day throughout the post-Soviet space.

On this day, the Department of Russian Philology of ZKGU named after M. Utemisov together with students of the Faculty of Philology and honored guests, cultural figures of Uralsk, paid tribute to the remarkable poet of all times and peoples.

By tradition, a memorable celebration was held at the monument to Pushkin. The program included performances of students reading poetic works in the Russian and Kazakh languages. Russian students of graduate courses in Russian philology independently prepared a literary composition, during which statements by Russian writers and poets about the Russian language, messages with the memoirs of the poet about his stay in Uralsk were heard.

As you know, our city is the only city in Kazakhstan where the great classic of Russian literature has visited. In Uralsk, Alexander Sergeevich collected materials for the book "The History of the Pugachev Rebellion" and the story "The Captain's Daughter. This is evidenced by the words from his memories: «I visited the places where the main events of the epoch occurred, which I described, verifying the dead documents with the words of still-living, but already aged, eyewitnesses, and again believing their decrepit memory by historical criticism. They were still alive witnesses of the Peasants' War of 1773-1775. It was 80-90 years old, but the memory of old events remained. The Ural Cossacks (especially old people) are still tied to the memory of Pugachev”.

At the end of the celebration, flowers were laid at the monument to A.S. Pushkin.