Mukashev Bulat

    PhD (Philology), Associate Professor

    Total years of teaching: 23

    Academic degree: PhD (Philology)

    Academic title: Associate Professor

    E-mail: bulat-mukashev@yandex.ru

    Qualification Upgrade: Examination and Certificate of CPE. The University of Cambridge, 2013


    Polyfunctional words in the language of scientific style. – Bulletin of the Moscow University. Philology, 1983, № 1, p. 52-57.

    Specific features of hypostasis in Modern English. Manuscript dep. at the Institute of Scientific Information under the USSR Academy of Sciences 11.01.1983 г., № 120059, 23 p.

    The dynamics of verb-substantive relations in the English gerund. - Bulletin of the Moscow University. Series 9. Philology, 1986, № 2, p. 54-59.

    The 1984 Lomonosov Readings. Philological Sciences Section. Subsection 9. Issues of study and teaching of foreign languages in higher school. Report «Polyfunctional features of the English morpho-syntax and methods of their study».

    Courses taught: English and French languages